Rachel Smith, LMT

When I was nine, I picked up a book with acupressure points on the front. I discovered I could help relieve pain with touch, and knew what I wanted to do with my life.

As a massage and CranioSacral therapist, I have served a range of clients from professional artists and athletes to disabled children, pregnancy to elderly, active to retired military, and animals. Tuning in to the nervous system to facilitate each client into a healing state in the moment is a gift and a responsibility.

In 2013, I purchased my HPN High Performance Neurofeedback system, also known as HPN Neurogen. It has also since been labeled as IASIS and Clarity Direct Neurofeedback. I found it could bring about profound, lasting changes. It works in tandem with the Dava Ray NanoBeam 940 near infrared light.

I learned to use my direct neurofeedback system under Corey Snook, the inventor of the HPN system, and David Dubin, MD. The system is simple to operate, while understanding its nuances took time, research, and mentoring. I met with Stephen Larsen, PhD, Sebern Fisher, Mary Lee Esty, and others at the Fryeburg Conference in Maine for immersion in the fascinating work. I feel this work is a step into medicine of the future: elegant systems that gently whisper brains into a restoration of sense of self.

I have since realized that once my clients’ brainwaves were organized, their nervous systems felt calmer to the touch, which gives rise to more effective bodywork. I developed a protocol combining CranioSacral Therapy and HPN neurofeedback in my practice with a primary interest in brain health. The results I witness continue to be rewarding.

At the Upledger Institute, I am a perpetual student of CranioSacral therapy. There is grace to blending, melding and holding space to unfold. I first pursued obstetric and pediatric CST when I specialized in pregnancy massage and was a labor doula. I found it was a key to any bodywork, and it deepened my practice. When I added the concept of tuning in to the central nervous system to each move of my work, bodies relaxed and organized more easily, which made my job easier. I continue advanced trainings with the Upledger and Barral Institutes.

I studied in Thailand with Masters of Traditional Thai massage. My niches have been medical massage, sports rehabilitation, and prepping artists for action and dance for film. I learned meningeal decompression for chronic pain conditions. I am trained in Shiatsu, Reiki, Lymphatic drainage, Amupko Psoas release, myofascial release, silicone cupping, hot stone, Lomi lomi, Qi Gong, Trigger Point therapy, Swedish, and deep tissue massages.