For more than 17 years, Rachel has facilitated health and deeper relationships with her client’s bodies as a massage therapist. Her healing arts experience includes Craniosacral therapy, somato emotional release, fascia and energy work, which she studied at the Upledger Institute; she also studied in Thailand with masters of Thai massage. Using a variety of modalities, she never did the same treatment twice, as Rachel custom designed bodywork for each client. Her niche has been sports rehabilitation and training artists for action and dance for film. She has also specialized in pregnancy and pediatric Craniosacral therapy, and is a labor Doula.

Rachel’s experience working on people in all walks of life — from conception to passing, from disabled children to far off movie locations — is a gift and a responsibility she enjoys.

When she discovered HPN high performance neurofeedback, she realized it would take much less effort to effect far more change. The profound relaxation with lasting results her clients experience is both humbling and exciting. One of the earliest trained HPN clinicians, she approaches every new client with the same curiosity and irrepressible passion for the healing arts.

Dr. David Dubin said to Rachel, “You are uniquely qualified to be a clinician because of years spent palpating nervous systems. Not many people have done that.”