Frequently Asked Questions

$150+tax for 1-hour appointment. $280+tax for 1.5-hour first intake includes history, education, HPN and CST, and stillpoint inducer. I do not bill insurance. I usually put a credit card on file or take cash, check, Zelle, or Paypal.

Yes. Sometimes I have a short waitlist I am happy to put you on. Please inform me of time sensitivity such as pregnancy and babies.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy charged for same-day cancellations or no-shows. If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the appointment is billed. I offer distance energy work with Healy frequencies for anyone who can't make their appointment. You will receive a confirmation text the day before.

The office is sanitized with air purifier, disinfectant, and medical grade UV light. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. If you have any symptoms at all, cancel 24 hours or more before your scheduled appointment or opt for remote work.

Wear something loose, clean, and comfortable. Hand sanitization and hygiene is required. Don't be hungry, especially children. No food or drink other than water in the office.

CST is light touch bodywork received fully clothed lying on your back on a massage table. I often incorporate my background in other modalities such as Thai, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, or energy work.

It depends on goals, complexity, and contributing factors. Each person is unique. You can receive CST as often as is beneficial. An acute injury would benefit from 10 sessions, while chronic issues may need more. I recommend 3-5 initial weekly sessions, then re-evaluate. Constantly growing pediatric clients may return as needed. If you experience no change, I can refer you out.

CST uses 5 grams of pressure, about the weight of a nickel. Minimal force facilitates restriction to release itself and encourages the body to reorganize harmoniously without engaging defense mechanisms. A nonintrusive touch melds deeply with the nervous system to sense, translate, and treat issues in the tissues while supporting the body to move through patterns of balanced tension.

No. Integration after treatment is important for self-correction. The body may continue to therapeutically release pain, trauma, or injury. When adaptation to malfunction is removed and we get closer to the root of the issue, compartmentalized pain may surface. Areas of numbness may feel tender as they awaken. Complex problems can show us another layer to be treated through sensations to investigate next time. Do not hesitate to inform me if you are uncomfortable.

You sit in a chair with infrared while I place sensors on the scalp, then I run HPN as we monitor regulation. Most people feel nothing from the leads. The common response is relaxation and focus throughout the body. At first, this may be a foreign sensation as the brain becomes familiar with it. Sensitive individuals may reset immediately, others notice later. HPN can run different settings as resilience improves. I start low and slowly increase settings to give the brain a chance to adapt to the feedback.

It depends on how straightforward the issues are. Acute injury for high functioning people tends to resolve in ten sessions or less. Lifelong congenital illness or trauma may require ongoing support. To encourage lasting change, ten appointments once or twice a week is recommended to start, then we evaluate progress. Most people rapidly begin to outgrow maladaptive patterns. Neurofeedback tends to be a finite process as the brain learns to self-regulate. When symptoms subside, people might occasionally return to shift focus to peak performance. If you do not experience some desired change within 5 appointments, I can refer you out.

Side effects are rare, brief, and easily resolved. Contact me if you feel tired, spacey, lightheaded, headache or temporary exacerbation of symptoms after an appointment. You may have received more neurofeedback than your brain can adapt to at once. Like exercise, if the brain trains too hard, it can be "sore" afterwards. I settle this by adjusting protocols to minimize reactivity. The benefit of overtrain is that although briefly uncomfortable, it can ultimately speed progress.

Brainwaves are a spectrum of neural oscillations in the brain ranging from very fast to very slow.
Gamma: 38-42+ HZ intense concentration, focus, awareness
Beta: 12-38 HZ awake, alert, sometimes hypervigilant
Alpha: 8-12 HZ relaxed contentment, meditation
Theta: 4-8 HZ drowsy relaxation, deep meditation
Delta: .5-4 HZ sleep

No. Take prescribed medications as directed. In time, you may discuss lowering them with your prescribing doctor. Do not go off meds on your own. Inform me of any medication changes and all substance use.

There are many neurofeedback systems. The goal is to accumulate enough regulation to help reach a new normal. Traditional neurofeedback entrains brainwaves based on a QEEG. HPN does not require a QEEG as it monitors brainwaves with its EEG interface in real time and works to disrupt maladaptive brainwave patterns. It often produces lasting results in less time than traditional neurofeedback, with initial relief as early as the first appointment. My HPN device is the same as HPN Neurogen. Similar micro-stimulation was used by Lens Flexyx, an effective device that is no longer sold.

Yes. I have used HPN since 2013 with remarkable results.

I treat systems, not symptoms. My scope of practice does not include treatment of active addiction or personality disorders. For those who are in treatment, I require a referral and HIPAA release to collaborate with prescribing doctor, psychotherapist, and healthcare professionals.

No. You get about a thousand times more energy holding a cellphone to your head. HPN safely emits an undetectable whisper of a signal that neurons perceive.

No. It's like a gym for the brain that is designed to very gently train brainwaves to learn self-regulation.

HPN does not alter personality, beliefs, memories, or stressors. Personality is part of the sense of self. When the sense of self is embodied, focused, and peaceful, people tend to feel more "themselves".

No. It is designed to physically read brainwaves only. Strong, flexible brainwaves strengthen the brain to give rise to presence of mind. What you do with your mind belongs to you.

It is not my specialty, but I have worked with cats, dogs, and one elephant.

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