Rachel V. Smith, LMT

When I was nine, I found an acupressure book. With an intuitive knack for massage, I felt like people were sculptures. I approached it as a hobby with the creativity of an artist. I still do. As a bodyworker since 1998, I am driven by a curiosity for personal development. There are endless methods to explore, and I believe everyone has a chance to live their best life. I am a perpetual student of techniques that facilitate relaxation, integration, health, and transformation.


In my hometown of LA, I specialized in Thai and pregnancy massage, CranioSacral therapy, and Doula work. A health cascade taught me the valuable lesson that self-care is my best self-defense. Dedicated to improving quality of life, I pursued gentle methods with continuing education in advanced CST, trauma informed bodywork, energy work, and more. I certified in the operation of High Performance Neurofeedback with both its inventor, Corey Snook, and David Dubin, MD. The device is rewarding and simple to use, while its nuances took time, research, and mentoring. I developed an HPN protocol for sensitive people.

In 2015, I moved to Northern Kentucky to be near family. I love the Cincinnati area for its sweet people, foliage, fresh air, and moderate traffic. I healed here with the help of effective healthcare and methods I learned from inspiring instructors. I am in grateful remission from chronic pain and autoimmune.

Of all my teachers, my clients are my most insightful educators. My goal is to facilitate tailored experiences of self-healing based on your needs.


  • Los Angeles Healing Arts College certified massage therapist
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Mueller College for Holistic Studies Shiatsu and traditional Thai massage
  • Thai, ampuko psoas release, lymph drainage, and advanced mentoring with Teri Rogers
  • Thailand immersion training with Teri Rogers
  • Thailand immersion training with Master Chaiyuth Priyasith
  • Education in myofascial release, muscle energy technique, silicone cupping, hot stone, Lomi Lomi, Qi Gong, posture analysis, trigger point therapy, endermologie machine operation, and meningeal decompression
  • Doula training
  • Yoga instructor training
  • Reiki Master and pranic healing
  • Upledger Institute advanced CranioSacral therapy for SomatoEmotional release, obstetrics, pediatrics, the brain, glial interface, chronic depletion, therapeutic presence, and more
  • Barral Institute visceral manipulation
  • Certified HPN clinician
  • Fryeburg conference with Corey Snook, Mary Lee Esty, Stephen Larson, Sebern Fisher, and more.
  • Dr. Bessel van der Kolk conference: treating trauma and PTSD
  • Jay Gunkelman: understanding the EEG
  • Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner
  • Suzanne Scurlock: Distance Healing from the Core Immersions, Beyond SER, and mentoring
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