CranioSacral Therapy

Developed by osteopathic physician John E. Upledger, CST unites methods to support the nervous system. It evaluates and treats the craniosacral system, the structures surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It enhances fluid flow to nourish cells, aid cleansing, and remove blocks to movement. It facilitates the inherent tendency to self-correct by following the body's core intelligence.


Through attunement to the nervous system, which connects to the whole body, CST holistically addresses all systems. Using a light touch and the art of neutral blending and melding, CST builds a sense of inner safety. As the brain adapts to positive experiences, it strengthens resilience to release and integrate aches, pains, and strains. This improves autonomic flexibility which increases neuroplasticity. It is often used as a preventive health measure for its ability to boost resistance to disease. Each session is uniquely tailored to individual needs.


SomatoEmotional Release

SER can be a natural progression of CST that is relaxing, cathartic, moving, and fun. With an unbiased touch, it holds nonjudgmental space for embodied transformation of encapsulated distress in the tissue memory of the body. An SER process can gently include a therapeutic release of emotion to decompress and restore ease to compartmentalized "issues in the tissues". Honoring the inner wisdom builds self-trust to let go and self-heal. At your own pace, we can set up the right environment to detect, translate, nurture, and outgrow chaotic sensations maintained by traumatic memories. We can navigate a wide range of delicate histories, realities, and experiences. Integrating the adverse effects of trauma connects the brain's fundamental survival structures to its logical cortical processing. Resourcing the tissues to release restriction is an elegant catalyst for positive change that frees up intuition and energy to live fully and freely.


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Obstetric and Pediatric CST

With a background in pregnancy massage and doula work, I use CST to facilitate conception, gestation, labor, delivery, postpartum, postnatal, and childhood health. There are specific obstetric CST techniques to alleviate discomfort common to the transformative birth process.

Attachment between mom and baby is supported and family bonding is encouraged. CST eases recovery and addresses postpartum depression by decompressing restrictions to release fatigue, stress, inflammation, and pain. When Mom is replenished, baby feels more content and peaceful.


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Postnatal and pediatric CST meets the infant, child, or teen where they are to enhance transitions through developmental milestones. It boosts healing, growth, and learning for developing systems. When the autonomic nervous system is balanced, a child can access more positive, socially engaged states. I coordinate with family, medical specialists, outside therapists, and school personnel.

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