High Performance NeuroFeedback

The neurons that fire together wire together. Brainwaves are malleable to depletion, trauma, injury, and developmental delay. It is natural to respond to stress. Constant threat response wires the brain in favor of its safety mechanisms of fight-flight-freeze-fawn, exhausting the nervous system's ability to restore itself. Such maladaptive patterns lead to the brain's inability to control itself enough to correct issues.

The brain is highly adaptive. A state of relaxation and safety enables lasting skills of self-care, growth, and health. Repeat practice of reduction of unhealthy brainwaves and their symptoms allows the brain to self-heal, dissipate maladaptive patterns, change, reflect, and enhance the ability to process information. Well organized brainwaves populate the brain with good experiences that exercise parasympathetic healing response. An optimized brain inspires the ability to manage life with active resilient coping skills. Peak performance depends upon a flexible nervous system. Anyone can benefit from brain training.

​Like a gym, HPN can train the brain to learn to reduce unhealthy brainwaves and build healthy neuropathways. As the client experiences a rare sense of peace, brainwaves can tune themselves toward desired change, offering the choice of controlling emotions and actions. Newly adaptable brainwaves can stimulate neuronal activating growth that rewires the brain to perceive itself and modify its behavior.


Regulation builds executive function, intelligent development, equanimity, self-monitoring, self-control, organized thinking, and the ability to easily rest, reset, and restore. Signs of improved neuroplasticity include clarity, focus, outgrowing developmental delay, moderation, creativity, appropriate empathy, and nuanced vocabulary, reflexes, and sense of humor.


HPN, a type of direct neurofeedback, uses a patented EEG interface and FDA cleared hardware. Its direct feedback loop measures neuronal activity to determine the dominant frequency (stuck brainwave), and gently stimulate brainwaves with an offset (novel frequency). Although this feedback is imperceptible, the brain can detect it as disruption of noise that optimizes brainwaves. The brain typically uses this information to outgrow maladaptive patterns, relieve dysregulation, lower hyperarousal, and improve focus. Assimilation of this novel frequency encourages the brain to gently self-adjust, stabilize neuronal firing, normalize neurotransmitters, restore autonomic balance, redistribute energy, increase fluid flow, and promote neuroplasticity. HPN is chemical free, safe, and relaxing to receive. Each session is uniquely tailored to individual needs


Dava Ray 940 NanoBeam infrared light

The NanoBeam can calm the nervous system by restoring parasympathetic dominance and encourage the experience of neurofeedback assimilation. It is FDA approved for use by licensed healthcare professionals for temporary relief of pain in muscles and joints, spasms, arthritis pain, stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to increase local blood circulation where heat may be indicated. It tends to boost bodywork efficacy and sooth autonomic activation such as panic attacks, flares, tension headaches, seizures, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, myofascial pain, and emotional reactivity. Studies have shown that infrared therapy shortens healing time. It is a drug free approach to pain relief using targeted frequency bands, or photonic stimulation.

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